Thursday, February 21, 2008

David Crumm's follow-up: A letter from Germany

Explore The Spirit: 107: A Letter (and Some Photos) from Germany ... To You ...: "Until his note came through last week, I never knew Michael existed -- and had never heard of the town where he and his wife live. It's called Oy-Mittelberg and is situated in Southern Germany, close to the Austrian border.
But, Michael listens to Peter Wallace's weekly broadcasts for 'Day1,' he reads Peter's inspirational books -- and Michael was moved by our in-depth Conversation With Peter Wallace about 'Day1' last week. Michael simply wanted to share with us how much Peter's voice, books and online presence has meant to him -- and how glad he was to see Peter's presence here at ReadTheSpirit last week."

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

David Crumm reviews Living Loved David Crumm, editor of, reviews Living Loved: "I've read hundreds of spiritual books over the past couple of decades and have an eagle's eye for false assumptions and spiritual bravado that says more about the writer's pride than our needs as readers. And, so, it is high praise from me to say: There is not a single false note in this book.

The daily readings are short -- but there's great strength here that builds through the weeks we spend with Peter and his meditations on what it means to love -- and what it mean to let God love us. That may be the toughest section of his book for many of us. And, then, he carries us forward in the final third of the book to the calling we all have to share God's love with others."

Five stars!